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I’m sorry for not updating this blog for a while.

I’ve just been so busy:

I didn’t get to see Lawson in LA, although I had tickets. A lot of stuff happened that day. Basically, I got in a car crash on my way to the concert. ): My car got wrecked. It still drives, but the engine struggles a lot. Ugh, thankfully, I was able to be part of the concert in some way.

The Lawson LA girls

called me during the concert, so I could listen to “Are You Ready?” (‘: It was amazing. It made me genuinely feel part of the fanmily. There’s no real way to express how I felt at that moment and how I feel now. So, I’m not as upset anymore. I’ve come to terms that things happen for a reason. I hope I can see the boys when they return to LA.

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Thank you to the new followers

It honestly means a lot :)

I plan on making some edits or gifs tomorrow but it’s bedtime for me here. It’s nearly midnight … .

Good night or Good Morning depending where you are.

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Off for some time now

I hope you’ve liked some of my gifs. But, I’m done for now. Time to focus on my college apps! - Gissel

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coming soon!
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